What are Instagram stories, and how can you use the location sticker?

As we mentioned in previous articles, Instagram has lots of tools that you can use to grow your followers and get on top of your competitors.

And one of the tools that have significant importance is Instagram stories.

In one of the recent updates, Instagram revealed a new tool inside this app called Instagram story. It was made originally to express yourself and let your followers know what is currently going on in your life.

Using the story function is pretty straightforward. Just follow the steps below:

·       Step 1

Open up your Instagram app and wait for it to load up properly.

·       Step 2

On your main page, swipe right, and you will be placed in the story-making section.

·       Step 3

You are ready to make your first story and share it with your followers and friends.

After knowing how to make an Instagram story, now is time to understand the components inside the stories that will help you use Instagram stories better.

Let’s list some of your actions in the Instagram story section and then tend to the main one discussed in this article.

  • Hashtag sticker
  • Profile sticker
  • Additional picture sticker
  • Event stickers
  • Endless filters
  • And the location sticker

These additional components work inside the story stickers section that has a variety of uses that you can benefit from.

Now back to the original subject, the Instagram location sticker.

The name of this sticker is pretty much self-explanatory, but just in case, let’s see what it is?

This sticker acted as a GPS on your story. When you get done creating the Instagram story that you want, you can tap on the stickers icon and then choose the location sticker.


Immediately after taping on that specific sticker, you will be presented with a search bar to find the location you want; you tap on that location now; it’s on your story.

The location sticker is resizable, and you can pick it to make it smaller or expand it to make it bigger.

Remember that you can use this option not as a sticker but as a tag on your main feed posts.

When creating a new post, you can see a tag named location. You can insert the wanted location shown on your post by tapping on that.

At this point, we are thoroughly familiar with the location sticker on your Instagram story, and now it’s time to see how you can use this sticker o increase your followers and attendance for your business.

Benefiting your business through the location sticker (3 critical tips)

There are a few purposes for the location sticker on the Instagram story that you can adjust and use for your will and get more devotees.

·       Increase your brand appearance

Like the hashtags, clients can go up to the investigate segment and search a specific location to see what posts and stories are made in that area.

When you utilize an area sticker, you add your substance to that area.

·       Interaction booster

Whenever you utilize the location sticker, individuals who see it will keep thinking about whether you have something comfortable to speak with you, which makes an association that can transform into communication.

·       Help users

by including the location sticker on your Instagram story, you let your clients and followers in on where your business is; however, try not to share individual data like the location of your home.

Remember all of these techniques and tips to use the location sticker on the Instagram stories in the best way possible.

Now let’s wrap up the article and get to the conclusion.

What are Instagram stories, and how can you use the location sticker?

Point case

Instagram is a virtual entertainment place for individuals to use and share photos and videos.

However engaging as Instagram seems to be, you can utilize it to keep an eye on your business and develop your little work starting from the earliest stage.

Remember that becoming on Instagram is a combination of devices and systems you need to comply with.

One of the devices to utilize is the location sticker on Instagram stories that can help you in countless ways and even convey you to the most impressive mountains or ubiquity on Instagram.

We trust that you partook in this article and found out about what a location sticker on Instagram stories is and how you can utilize it; assuming you have some other inquiries or suppositions regarding the subject, go ahead and ask your questions and concerns in the comment part.

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