Everything about the “Add Yours” function on Instagram

As you know, we are a community that constantly connects and interacts with each other.

However, in some special conditions, we are limited to our houses, like the recent outburst of the Covid; this kind of incident opens the way for innovation.

Social media has become the number one method to interact without walking a single step. It helped many individuals and business owners manage their affairs through the internet.

One of the most popular social media platforms is the one and only Instagram.

There are thousands of ways on this platform to share your experiences with people and see other users’ activities.

Let’s say that you are starting a petition about a trend, and you want to invite every person you know to join you, but now obviously, you can’t direct message every one of them.

What if we tell you we can do this activity in just 5 minutes?

Let’s read about it and see how it is possible.

You will read:

  • A brief introduction to Instagram.
  • Instagram stories and “add yours” sticker.
  • The best way to use this option
  • The bottom line

Let’s get started and see how we can make the most of the alternatives available.

A brief introduction to Instagram.

Other social networking applications are available, but one of the most popular is Instagram, owned by meta.

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing platform that allows you to create and share your content.

This deed is feasible because of the numerous tools included in this software.

This application permits you to catch minutes and recollections and utilize incredible channels on your photographs or recordings to upgrade their look; you can even direct live meetings on this application and use them as a correspondence community for yourself and your crowd.

A few famous people even utilized Instagram live to do shows.


As these said, now is the right time to get to the essential piece of the article and see what choices we will utilize today and how to use them.

Everything about the “Add Yours” function on Instagram

Instagram stories and “add your” sticker

One of the most significant and notable elements of Instagram was presented in an update that permitted users to share 15-second brief recordings on their fundamental feed and called it the story.

These short recordings would vanish following 24 hours, and you need to add another since the delivery date this cutoff is stopping.

This function got popular very soon, and almost all users benefited from this tool on Instagram. Instagram decided to update the story section and add new options.

Let’s list and see the main updated points on Instagram stories:

·       The stickers

One of the most amazing tools added to the stories was the stickers.

These little gadgets helped users use Instagram stories easier and effortlessly; after stickers, you could tag someone in a story without typing tool or add hashtags the same way.

Other options were indeed inside the stickers, but we will tend to those in another article.

·       The filters

After Instagram gave users the permission to design and create their filters and share them with people worldwide, the number of filters had a significant jump.

And now, if you check the filter store on the Instagram story section, you will find thousands and even millions of different filters to choose from, and surprisingly, they are all free.

We are here because one of the stickers had a huge hit, and users loved it very much.

The “Add Yours” sticker.

First, let’s see what even this sticker is.

The “add yours” sticker allows users to build a pile of posts and save them as a shared folder.

It would be more understandable if we used an example:

Imagine that you have taken a picture of the pizza you cooked, and you want to share that photo with your friends through Instagram stories.

However, you have other friends that like to cook pizza, and naturally, you want to see how they would do such an act.

So you add a sticker in your story called “add yours.” This sticker allows your followers to cook their pizza and then photograph it and share it with your sticker to add that photo to your sticker collection.

Meaning you can check to see how many people added this sticker of yours to their story and what content they have shared.

Now that you know what this sticker is, it is time to recognize the best way to use this option.

The best way to use this option

There are some delicate and refined uses for “add yours” stickers, and we will introduce them to you.

When conducting a contest or a race, using this sticker will benefit you by checking every content shared with your sticker, and you can judge and get to a conclusion.

Also, when you are simply trying to ask your followers for a specific task, like what do you think the best sunset looks like, your followers and friends take pictures of the sunset and add them to their story and use your sticker to mark it.

Let’s say that these were the main favors that this sticker could do for your benefit.

It is time to wrap up the article and speak the last words.

The bottom line

Instagram is a great place to connect and get to know more people.

You can use many of the features Instagram has available to you to get the most out of this app.

Using “add yours” stickers can get you recognized and engaged with your audience in no time, so make sure to use this excellent tool on your Instagram stories.

We hope this article answered all of your questions about the “add yours” feature on Instagram. If you have any other questions and comments, please contact us via the comments section below.



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